Natalie Flecker, Mount Isa Rodeo

What is your strategy for growing online ticket sales?

At the Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo we have achieved pre-sale year on year  by making it easy for the customer to purchase online.  We promote our website as the primary call to action and have value add packages with accommodation and behind the scenes tours, plus some early bird incentives.


Murray Sutherland, Kinetic

How important is event branding? 

In short – event branding is everything. Brands are like personalities. If you project a personality that someone likes then you become popular. Vice versa, if your personality is unappealing then people will walk away and not be interested in engaging with you. This is why we specialise in ‘Bringing Brands to Life’.

Mark Brine, A Touch of Salt

What’s your secret for selling out every event in a regional city?

There’s no secret really, just a tried and tested recipe we use to cook up events. First we look for unique concepts, add in our waterfront CBD location, affordable ticket prices and reputation for quality, then we welcome feedback to always improve. And, of course, we love what we do!

Beau Thomas, Tobe Entertainment

Is social media key to a successful event in todays market?

Yes - Social Media is such a powerful tool that should be utilised by all event managers.

From a meaningful interaction with an event attendee to you as an event having a voice to a large audience at a cost that no other marketing medium can achieve, social media is a tool that has enormous capabilities.

Kristen Goldup, Local Tickets

Why do some events sell well?

Attending an event is social currency!  An event can make people look exciting, important and current.

Tap into this psych and invest in good quality marketing that promotes your unique selling points.  

Go for gold, not grey!

Zoe Anderton, Local Tickets

Best ticketing tip for event organisers?

Firstly make it really easy for people to know where to go to get their tickets by using our Book Now logo on artwork and using the event URL on all digital comms.  Secondly keep your ticket sales open for as long as possible to encourage last minute ticket purchases.

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